Sacred Earth Circle
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Welcome to Sacred Earth Circle
Welcome to Sacred Earth Circle. We are an eclectic Pagan spiritual family serving Garden City and the surrounding areas. We host a variety of events which are mostly free of charge and open to the public for local pagans, solitary witches, or otherwise alternative/nature-based spiritual people in our area. It is our passion to bring people together for enrichment, education, and service by creating a support system for individuals where they can cultivate lasting friendships with like-minded people in our local communities!
We welcome anyone who practices any of these paths or wishes to learn more about them to join us as we expand our wisdom and experience, find exciting new ways to serve our community and have lots of fun together along the way! If you are a solitary pagan or witch who is looking for a spiritual home or a seeker wishing to learn more about eclectic spirituality, please contact us at